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Before We Were Yours_ A Novel - Lisa WingateBefore We Were Yours

by Lisa Wingate

I wish I could give this book a plus after the five stars. This is the third book that I’ve read by Lisa Wingate. It’s by far my favorite one. The story pulled me in from page one. I couldn’t stop listening to it (via my audible account.) I loved listening to the two points of view that she used – past and present. Even though my heart broke throughout the story, I finished the story filled with hope in the courage and resiliency of the human spirit.  Rill had a tenacity and strength that illustrated to me the love of family. A wonderful story based on a true atrocity in our nation’s history. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a well-written novel that blends modern-day experience with historical fiction.  Brilliant writing. I love the fact that she told a wonderful, compelling story without bad language or scenes that would make my grandmother blush. I plan to read more books by Lisa Wingate.






Most Highly Favored Daughter

I received a copy of “Most Highly Favored Daughter” by Janice Lane Palko during her Facebook launch party. Once I began it, I had a hard time putting it down until I reached the end.

Janice addressed a seldom discussed blight that permeates our world, the deplorable world of sex trafficking. I applaud her for bringing this sensitive subject into a piece of fiction. I liked how her characters evolved as I followed their lives in her story.

I figured some things out before the story revealed it, but the climax and the ending came as a complete surprise. Her ability to weave a story with an exciting resolution to the tale made for a great read. I found it refreshing to read an entire book without bad language and intimate scenes described in detail, yet giving the reader hints of the character’s true feelings.

I don’t read many suspense novels, so this reading experience opened my eyes to a new and enjoyable genre. I liked how the author intertwined faith throughout the story but didn’t make it into an unattainable part of the reader’s life.

If you like suspense mingled with faith, you’ll enjoy this book, “Most Highly Favored Daughter” by Janice Lane Palko. I hope to read more of her books.


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