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Gratitude – November 27

It’s been a challenge this month to post each day one gratitude adjustment. In addition, I  took the plunge to write 50,000 words this month in an attempt to write my first novel.

I have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to make my goal. At 44,850 I have some serious time in front of my computer before I can say, “I did it!” I think the stubborn side of me will kick in and I will push myself to finish. I can’t tied up all the loose ends with 6000 words, so I will continue into December with the conclusion. Next up, edit my work. It’s called a rough draft for a reason.

I’m grateful to have the ability and the time to pursue the goal. I know not everyone can spend the amount of time it takes to write every day for several hours. I’m grateful for the authors who wrote the “How-To” books for people like me who want to learn the process.

I’m grateful for the computer. I can’t imagine using a typewriter like I did years ago in high school with white out fluid by my side.

I’ve enjoyed the process. If I’m not at my computer, my mind runs through different scenarios for my characters. It’s fun to use my imagination to create drama in the life of someone with no repurcussions.

Happy Cyber-Monday.

P.S. My non-fiction book, Broken Brain, Fortified Faith, is still available for half-price through Familius.





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