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Gratitude – November 19

You may think I’m a bit odd to post today about something so personal. But how often do I think about the little things that make my life easier with an attitude of gratitude?

If I’m honest, not enough. Just ask anyone whose ever found themselves with an empty roll when it’s most needed? What do we do? We call to someone to help us out, don’t we?

Mischieveous people decorate with it, which by the way, leaves a terrible mess, especially if it rains.

We all buy it, we all use it. Youtube is filled with videos about it. Some are funny, some are crude, but we all talk about it.

Should it go under or over? Who replaces the empty rolls? What’s the best price? Where to buy it?

I’ve traveled to places where toilet paper was a luxury item. Never mind if is was one, two, or three-ply. There was none to be found. Years ago, in the day of the outhouse, generations before us resorted to use whatever they had – pages from an old catalog, scraps of rags which they washed and rewashed and hung to dry (on their assigned nail pounded in the wood.)

Yes, we live with  what most of us consider a necessary item within easy reach for most of our life. And today, I want to remember one of the little things considered insignificant by most, and just be grateful.

And my final thought about this item used in the necessary room –  there’s a saying,  “LIfe is like a roll of toilet paper; the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.”

So true, so true. I choose to live each day as if it’s my last and make it count. For I know the end will come someday, I just don’t know when. I want to be ready. No one wants to be left without the necessary tools in life, like toilet paper.

Happy Sunday.



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