Gratitude, Virginia Pillars

Gratitude – November 14

As a little girl, I loved to color, paint, blend colors, and create my own designs. Since the age of twelve when I learned to sew, I’ve enjoyed my time spent with needle and thread. It made sense to weld these two loves into a business. In 1994, I tried my hand at the embroidery business.

I started small with a sewing/embroidery machine. Before long, I purchased a second machine to keep up with demand. Within four years, a commercial embroidery machine with a dozen needles joined the fleet of machines in an 11 x 11 ft room – a washer, dryer, three sewing machines, and a serger. I limped along for several years as boxes filled with clothing to embellish took over our house. My hubby decided he wanted his house back, so we built an addition for my embroidery business in 2000. I held an open house when it was complete.

My parents came to spend the day of my open house.  Mom helped make the sugar cookies in the shape of sewing items. I can still see my dad as he sat in the corner of my workroom and watched the traffic flow through while I explained my business. Over the next year, business doubled, and soon, I added a second commercial machine with fifteen needles.  All in all, I’ve enjoyed the past twenty-three years of coloring designs with thread.

But, today, I’m most grateful for the memory of my dad as he sat in my shop that day.  Two years later, he passed away – ten days after a cancer diagnosis. A quiet man, he spoke with his actions. He supported me and demonstrated his pride in me by his presence. I treasure the image of my dad in a business that I loved.

I’m also grateful my granddaughters share my love of needle and thread. I  get to spend time with them in the same space I shared with my dad.



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