Gratitude, Virginia Pillars

Gratitude – November 11

As I drove through a town in Iowa, I spied this painted rock. I had to stop to admire the artistry and the sentiment behind it. I choked up as I walked around the three sides of this monument in a small town, Veterans park.

Today, I’m grateful for all the veterans, those who’ve gone to their eternal rewards, the men and women still with us, but retired, and those who chose to serve us in active service now. This beautiful piece of Iowa landscape depicts the sacrifices of individuals in their area from WWII, The Vietnam War, and the war in Afghanastan.

The  Sullivan brothers, George, Francis, Joseph, Madison and Albert, died aboard the USS Juneau on Nov. 13, 1942, when the ship was torpedoed and sunk off Guadalcanal during World War II. It remains the greatest combat-related loss of life by a single family at one time in American military history. 



I think of their sacrifices, the hardships their families endured, and I’m grateful.

“Thank you!” doesn’t seem to cover it.



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