Gratitude, Virginia Pillars

Gratitude – November 10

I grew up with games. I can still remember sitting around the table after our evening meal with my brothers as we played a game. We spent many hours with the traditional board games and a variety of card games. We grew up a competitive bunch, passed the family tradition down to our children, who, in turn, shared this trait with their children.

Last night, I reaped the benefit of the “inherited” attitude. Two of my three grandchildren visited me. After we finished our evening meal, we cleared the table and the competition began.

The game started with plenty of challenges, and big talk. My nephew, who lives with us, my grandson, my granddaughter, and I had played this game a few weeks ago and everyone felt a determination to win. As the game progressed, the intensity increased until the four of us stood around the table anxious for our turn. “Hurry. Your turn. Don’t do that, Noooooo!” were a few of the comments tossed back and forth like an exchanged game piece. An abundance of groans accompanied moves that involved sabotoge, and bold reminders that Christmas was just around the corner.

As the game concluded, we’d share a roomful of laughter and a large dose of humility (for me.) The grandson schooled me with almost twice as many points. The nephew came in right behind him, while my granddaughter and I came close to a tie for last place.

We made a memory last night as we shared a family tradition, enjoyed a game, but mostly, the company. An eighteen-year-old, a fourteen-year-old, an eleven-year-old, and a sixty-two year old, who stayed up past her bedtime, had a blast as we enjoyed an evening that knew no age boundaries or restraints.

I’m a grateful grandma this morning. I missed posting my gratitude adjustment yesterday, but these three young people came in first on my list of priorities.

I spend my time with them in gratitude.

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