Gratitude – November 6

This month, I challenged myself to look around and find gratitude for things I often overlook. Things I take for granted.

Right now, at 5:35 a.m. on Monday, my kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes. Not an ideal way to begin the week. But since I like to use Sunday as a day of rest, I didn’t want to wash them last night. Neither did either of my family – hubby or nephew (who makes his home with us.)  Worn out from the week, my bed’s invitation ranked higher than the sink’s.

Today, I’m grateful for dirty dishes. Why? Because we had plenty to eat yesterday. We had breakfast, a nice meal after church, and popcorn for our supper (our weekly tradition.) Lunch consisted of baked chicken, (I had salmon,) potatoes, butternut squash, green beans, and ice cream for dessert. The potatoes and squash were from my backyard garden.

I did take time yesterday to freeze the last of the kale from my garden. (For me, this falls into the same category as the sheep in the pit Jesus referred to in the book of Matthew – timing. I couldn’t let it go to waste.) It’s a wonderful feeling to know I can go to my freezer multiple times this winter, pull out a bag of kale, and toss it in a pot of soup.

I went to bed last night with a full and happy tummy.  I know I’ll get what I need to eat today, tomorrow, and more than likely, every day for the rest of my life. And for that, I’m very, very grateful.

What can I do with this? Me, one person?

I can make donations to food kitchens, food pantries, and other organizations that feed those who don’t have the same privilege.

Happy Monday. Live in gratitude.

I think I’ll go wash the dishes.


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