Virginia Pillars

Book Club Questions

Book Club Questions

1. What do you think was Virginia’s purpose in writing this memoir? Why do you think she would share her inner turmoil with readers?
2. How much did know about schizophrenia and/or mental illness before you read this book? Did you learn something new?
3. Virginia discusses her family and friends’ reactions to Amber’s illness. What can we do to support families dealing with mental illness? Can I do this? Why or why not?
4. Virginia shared their reactions to Amber’s illness. How would you react?
5. What surprised you most in the book?
6. Did any specific part of the book leave an impression on you? Share the passage and the effect it had on you.
7. What did you think about mental illness before reading this book? Did these ideas change after reading Broken Brain, Fortified Faith? Are they better or worse?
8. What can we do to help eliminate the stigma that still surrounds mental health in today’s culture?
9. Did you take away a lesson from this book? Why is this important?
10. Do you want to read more books about mental illness? Why or why not?

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