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It’s okay to cry…

I read two timely blogs this morning – both dealing with suicide. I’ve experienced too many heartbreaking situations with families whose loved one chose to leave our world. The pain is intense, the grief is unrelenting. I must react with love and compassion. For I feel it’s my only option – even if I’m hurting, too. I especially liked this thought, “It’s OK to be sad. It’s OK to cry. It’s OK to cry at Christmas dinner.” Let’s give each other permission to grieve in our own way.

From the website: The Mighty.

20 Messages for Suicide Loss Survivors During the Holidays

Another perspective by the author Ellen Gable:

#Christmas in the Aftermath of Suicide

There are many books out there to assist us as we travel this path. I’m part of a project, entitled Grief Diaries. Here’s the link for the recently published book compiled by survivors of suicide.

Grief Diaries: Loss by Suicide

My heart feels heavy for those whose grief is raw this season.

To you,  I say I love you and grieve with you.



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